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Gubbio (PG)

THE VILLAGE PIAZZA MARTIRI 40 GUBBIO PERUGIA info: 388/1732358 JUNKSTAR'S debut single MAGAZINE was released to a native London buzz in 2010 and the band toured the U.S.A. and Europe at break-neck pace on the back of it. The band notched up some great support shows with bands including Supergrass, White Rose Movement, Kate Nash, The Killers, Athlete, The Drums, Fight Like Apes and King Adora. Crowd favourite BLUEBOTTLES got a white label release and was backed by the BBC & KERRANG! - it also featured bizarrely on the BBC's Newsnight! Played by KISSY SELLOUT and PETE TONG, the release saw the band at the forefront of the electro fidget genre in the UK. Singer JC also has a regular slot on BBC RADIO 5 LIVE as a guest music reviewer.

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